Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bradley Cooper: "I Was Often Mistaken as a Girl"

Bradley Cooper: 
"I Was Often Mistaken as a Girl"

He’s been busy promoting the highly-anticipated “Hangover 2,” and Bradley Cooper recently stopped by the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” for a quick chat.

In an episode airing later today (May 17). the “Wedding Crashers” stud looked as handsome as ever as he was forced to accept Ellen’s compliments being thrown at him left and right.

During the sitdown, Cooper said of his younger days, "I was always mistaken for a girl. I always hated that so much. I remember taking my buddy Kevin … to Murray’s Bagels for lunch and I was so excited to be paying for lunch. I had my jean jacket on and she said, what would you like Miss?”

To this, Ellen jokingly responded, “That’s because you’re so pretty. Which is a good thing. It all worked out for you.”

As for Cooper's upcoming movie, “Hangover 2” will be out in theaters on May 26.

 gossipcenter/Photo Credit: Warner Bros.